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on Thursday, January 8

Global warming is huge. I mean HUGE, and by huge I mean popular. Of course popularity isn’t everything, but in this case it seems to be the only thing going for it. In this case, when a stance is popular among society—rarely does anybody need to give proof. Equate this to ADHD, if anything is wrong with a kid somebody just slaps the label on it. No proof necessary really, perhaps the child is just a kinesthetic learner but looking into things is hard and it is much easier to slap some made up disorder to it. Seriously, there is no known cause and if I put that kid with a video game then suddenly ADHD goes away, it is therefore a behavioral problem—not a disorder. But that is a blog for later, back to global warming.

Articles pore out from all kinds of sources. Global warming is causing this, global warming is causing that. If following all the articles, we'd find that global warming causes everything. Yes, everything, according to this list of articles, somewhere around 600 things are caused by global warming. Bah.

Does any of those articles really provide any sort of proof that global warming is the real culprit? No. Vague notions that weakly correlate the event with warming climates. Articles claiming global warming is affecting the salmon population... Really now? The article even states that "Anglers were out in force on the first day of the Scottish salmon season." Certainly then, we wouldn't blame, say, them right? Because blaming overfishing... nah, what was I thinking? Rather make the claim global warming is doing it than hurt fishing industries and people's love for fishing.

The list just goes on and on. Here's a good one, apparently global warming is causing HIV to become more widespread by making you more vulnerable. Now if you can't see that as being plain BS, I don't know how I can help you. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the only way I'm vulnerable to the disease is to have sex (mainly unprotected) with somebody who is infected. But it's not just that! We have tons of links that simply contradict themselves, such as bigger fish yet smaller fish, and global warming hastening our coming ice age yet also deterring it. What is this? Covering bases? It can't ever be wrong if you cover both ends of the spectrum, and that's exactly the plan.

But none of these articles, again, offer proof. They give situations, this will happen and this will happen... Scientifically why these things happen is never given. Indeed, many times situations aren't even given. Articles say global warming is causing it and that's it. Why do people accept these poor excuses of articles? Why is it acceptable to give no evidence yet make wild claims? Here, there are people out there claiming that our emissions are the only problem. That it is all that we should target. Can't we as a whole see past this lie? It's so simple, if CO2 is the problem, and trees reduce CO2 in the air... Got it now? Deforestation and our mowing down of tropical rainforests must then play a part, and walla, we've already proven that our emissions are not the only cause. But hey, rather face deal with a CO2 hoax them live without our tissues, paper towels, and wooden houses filled with wooden bookshelves/cabinets full of paper junk.

The biggest lack of scientific evidence, is in fact the worst. There is no scientific evidence that CO2 is causing great global warming. It's simply not there. To any supporter of global warming, you can ask them. Go ahead, they'll never give you an answer. They'll refer to doomsday articles that also don't give answers. They'll ask you how can you not believe it, yet they'll not supply the proof. I have faced off against them countless times, asking—begging for proof, yet never do I acquire some.

But I do have proof of something else. That CO2 isn't the big bad guy. And it's all here. All the scientific calculations and reason. Why the global warming hoax has taken such a hold is first that the common person does not understand how greenhouses gases and especially CO2 works. We commonly think that greenhouses gases act like a blanket and trap stuff in—which is completely false. In simple terms, greenhouse gases absorb certain radiation, and once they absorb so much they stop. Also note that the absorbed radiation still leaves... in reality, greenhouse gases simply slow down some radiation.

Furthermore, many do not understand how much CO2 is in the air and relation to everything else. Carbon dioxide represents about 0.038% of the air. Humans are responsible for only 3.4% CO2 admissions annually. Humans, are the little guy in this game. CO2 isn't even the big bad man of greenhouse gasses even! Water vapor makes up for 70%-95% of the big picture. Here's where all the calculations give, CO2 AS A WHOLE, all the increases have caused 0.6 degrees. Seriously people, wake up, all the calculations, again, are here, click me, read me, HERE. All the scientific data, all laid out for you, right there.

When CO2 becomes a problem to temperature, guess what? We'd die by then, by the CO2 amount in the air being so large it's toxic. That's right, before temperature due to CO2 could do any big damage, CO2 would kill us off. Now this isn't to say that CO2 is bad, or even that greenhouse gases are bad. In fact, without greenhouse gases Earth would be inhabitable. And CO2 itself is an essential trace gas that is required for life—indeed the slight increase in CO2 has been a boon for the biosphere. Look, all the global warming claims basically size up to this: "zealots constantly shrilling over atmospheric carbon dioxide misdirecting attention and effort from real and potentially addressable local, regional, and planetary problems."

YES, real addressable issues are being ignored in favor of this cure-all hoax. Instead of blaming overfishing, blame global warming! Instead of blaming deforestation, blame global warming! Even instead of blaming our overly sexual culture for STDs, blame global warming folks!

Okay, you want more? I'll give it to you. Acid oceans right? Global warming is going to cause them. You know what is really causing acidic oceans? Plastic. PLASTIC. We have a plastic landmass in the freaking middle of the Pacific ocean. Twice the size of Texas, it's just sitting there, ya know, acidifying. Oh hey, it could also be killing a lot of fish while we're at it... Remember that fish article earlier attributed to global warming instead? Or hey, you know, I bet that landmass has some effect on temperature around there... just maybe? There you go, a real threat facing our environment. Yet do we focus on this threat? No, of course not, plastic is EVERYWHERE in our society. Seriously, plastic this, plastic that, plastic packaging, plastic, plastic, plastic. Oh, not to mention we just toss it away when we're done... Plastic doesn't decompose naturally people, it stays basically forever. But targeting this would be very hard thing to do for people. They like the convenience of plastic... that's why global warming is here.

Global warming... the cure-all solution for people. No, don't worry so much about all the problems of consumerism. All the bad things we are doing to Earth. You should consume things now that help against global warming! No need to change your consumerism habits just to help the environment! And let's not even go into the politics of it. If every nation was developed right now, were would we get our cheap labor? Know the easiest way to hinder development of a poor nation? Remove industrial revolutions. That's right, enforce some pollution controls so strict on poor nations that as an individual in a developed nation many people surpass on an hourly basis. Hey, we can't have them destroy our Earth by having an industrial revolution like us!

It's time to realize what global warming is and actually help our environment! And it can't be done when people so carelessly attribute global warming to everything. "Oh it's slightly warmer today, guess global warming is to blame ho ho!" or "This winter seems a little warmer than last winter..." Most of these are proven outright wrong with statistical figures. Indeed, in some places where 2008 was the coldest winter in the past century, people say about this winter (2009) that global warming is making it warmer winter than ever. Yet still, some places are having terrible harsh winters already (let's not even mention that winter has barely yet begun in most places). People, this is typical weather and it's never been stable. It's all, literally, in your head.

I'm not even going to go into polar bears right now. That's for later, I have better things to do right now then point out how stupid it is to act like an animal that is facing a population boon and possibly over population. Seriously folks, you remove the ice, then the polar bear basically is an aquatic brown bear. A real threat to polar bears? Overfishing as that actually threatens their source of food. I'll post more on that later.

The time to act is now, but the actions MUST be placed on the right problems. Fight the global warming hoax—fight for real environmental problems.


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