Call Against Omnipotence

on Wednesday, January 7

Why can nobody answer the question “Can God create an object so heavy that even God cannot lift it?” and postulate the answer for it?

I ask again why?

You know, it would be cool if some preacher out there somewhere actually had the brains to answer it but alas, nobody has. Really, the answer is easy–a breeze to anybody who can actually think for themselves. Okay I fibbed, it’s not that easy… but all a religious person has to do is pray to their god for the answer. I mean there are numerous examples in the bible I can quote saying that all they had to do was pray. Indeed, the fact that this question has not been answered correctly by a theist yet proves that personal gods do not exist. Yes you read that right, the fact that it hasn’t been answered correctly proves it, not the question!

Oh, of course many try to circumvent the problem… sidestep the issue as it were. And all these are because their faith is weak. If they had real faith, they’d pray and get their answer right away. Deep down, all theists know their prayers are meaningless–that prayers don’t do a thing. After all, god’s will will always prevail… Well, at least that’s their favorite excuse–oops, we’ll get to the obvious paradox of god having a will later…

That covers the favorite reason to ignore the question in that thinking the question is, well, unanswerable. God after all, will answer all those who ask and have faith. But then the next favorite is to try to say that the question is somehow illogical. This is also not the case. The question is completely logical - an omnipotent god however is not. Indeed the answer is quite logical, but we’ll get to that later. An omnipotent god, has by definition, unlimited power. So he should be able to create an object so heavy that he cannot lift it. But then by not lifting it he has shown that he is not omnipotent. This is the obvious fallacy of omnipotence. OMNIPOTENCE DOES NOT EXIST. It cannot exist, it is contradictory by it’s own bloody definition. People love to put the contradiction in the question… but that is wrong, again, the contradiction is having an omnipotent god.

Then there are the nutcases that just blindly say yes, cuz he’s god! WHOOHOOOO! Well, you answered the question but can you explain why? Oh, he’s omnipotent… ah, we’re right back to the original problem. Did the person really answer the question? No. (Notice the use of he, because god is male of course… whew, tons of problems with a religion that uses a personal god eh?) This is generally followed by the ideal that it’s a stupid question… this basically places them in the exact same category as those thinking the question is unanswerable for whatever reason.

I sit here thinking, how utterly ridiculous that billions of theists can’t answer this question. That they do not have the deductive and reasoning skills to answer it, nor the sense to question what they currently know with new evidence, to think for themselves… that they ignore everything that may contradict their beliefs and views. I bet everybody sitting there without the answer is practically begging for the answer.

It’s easy really, granted by definition, an omnipotent god could create an infinitely dense and large rock. Of course, infinite density and size would equate to the rock being the universe, thus god could not lift it as there would be nowhere for god to lift it to or move it to.

Walla, that was easy. Of course, reasoning as such doesn’t solve all the omnipotent problems. Precisely because omnipotence is a farce, and any religion claiming an omnipotent god is false–no matter how they try to squirm otherwise.


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