In The Begining...

on Wednesday, January 7

GMNightmare said let there be a blog, and one was created purely on his word.

Muahahaha! What spawn have I created? What fiendish things will come? Many my friend, many. Of course, nobodies really reading this since I have only just begun.

Let the blogging commence, with these topics:
atheism, environmentalism, freeware, lifestyle, politics

I believe this covers all facets. Many "experts" advise against multiple topics if I want to be popular, pah. I care not for popularity, this is my blog to convey all aspects of life. There, one topic. Anyways--I could always just post each given topic to single aspect blog such Heaving Dead Cats (Atheism) or whatnot. I have connections yo :D Besides, that is what tagging is for, you only want to see my environmentalism posts then click on it. Yes, I lose more precision with broad tagging, but it fits. Furthermore, I love these topics and I'm going to post on all of them so there.

Enough of that, now for real posts!


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